Welcome to Daffodillar. Daffodillar is a boutique service providing curation and styling of all areas within your home. Ultimately transforming your home into your sanctuary by minimising, sorting, decluttering and restyling.


The Daffodillar experience begins by exploring your vision for your new intentional life. We start with what is already within your home; curating items with you.

Daffodillar is not only about tidying, sorting and decluttering/minimising. These are merely tools of a process.

The Daffodillar experience is described as encouraging, intuitive, supportive and creative.

My clients are entrepreneurial, creative women; women who make projects happen. Women who have reached a level of success in their business or workife, and have been busy raising a family.  It’s now time to begin a new chapter...

So begins the Daffodillar experience, and together we achieve simple style with accessible luxury.

Hi, I'm Michelle

Image of Michelle Spotswood Daffodillar creator

"Love this post on regularly emptying your bag and the energy of Daffodillar, her energy is palpable even through these words."


- Marie Kondo, (Instagram) February 2017