We begin by exploring why you want to curate your home. We journal and pin how you want your home, retreat, sanctuary to look - how you want to feel within it.


The curation process begins with your wardrobe; we then move to books, papers and general items that are further broken down into many categories.


The main thing is sticking to the one type. For example we will sort all makeup items, not all your bathroom.


Daffodillar incorporates Konmari principles but like so many theories it is not one size fits all. It is individual. Different clients move faster through different categories. Some clients move quickly through wardrobe and stumble in the kitchen. Others take time through wardrobe but fly through papers. Importantly we don't deal with all the emotion at the end, we embrace it throughout the experience. It is about flexing your curating ‘muscle’.


After the curation I teach you how best to store your kept belongings. Often clients already have objects we can use for storage. Over the past two years no client has purchased storage, they already own items that can be used to store what they keep. Daffodillar repurposes where possible to save you money as well as effort.

"Getting yourself sorted can free up time and energy for other aspects of your business and life. If you're feeling a bit chaotic, stop, take 5 and make a list ... then consider who can help you ... we're super excited having made the time for the talented Daffodillar."