When I style your home it is all about the details. 


We begin by assessing your space. How do you walk though the space to get to other areas? Where is the best natural light? We want to optimise your living to be in the light of nature.


Establishing sitting nooks, lounge spots, drop out zones is key. Are there special views into the garden or views of the sky that we can optimise?


We want flow from room to room. We want to lead the eye through to rooms but also allow it to rest when using the space. 


I like to link inside and outside. Curtains opening right to the window/ door edge. A natural easy flow between inside and outside. I will study changes of light, maximise the morning and evening light. 


I am not a stylist who uses symmetry. I create balance but not by being ‘matchy-matchy’. I style by using your decor and creating vignettes with height, texture, memory and colour - creating your story.


I aim to find statement pieces for each space. Adding art is an important aspect of creating a desired feeling in your space. We may repurpose your art, reframe it for impact, rehang in different rooms or hang different pieces together to make a bigger impact. 


When purchasing we consider local first. Melbourne owned, designed and created. Preferably a woman-led business. Having a connection to the creator, understanding how or why the item has been made provides a new and different connection to what we are used to. A more sustainable one. A connection based on more than “I want it” or “it’s on trend”. 

"Her goal is to get you to achieve your goal for your home environment and how you ideally want to live."