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What we do

Daffodillar curates your home with you. Starting with your intention. Why do you want to simplify your life? What do you want for your lifestyle?


Daffodillar helps you declutter and answer the questions posed for your collected objects. It has taken you many years or even decades to collect your belongings. It may take a year of focused sessions to reach your intended new lifestyle - living more with less. We do this in sessions that generally run from 2 to 3 hours long. 


Daffodillar helps you focus on and understand what you want to keep. Embracing meaning and applying it to your interiors. Striving for your story to be reflected in your home. It is about style not trends. Daffodillar is curious with you. Focusing on the positivity of what you enjoy. Why this? What does this say to you? How do you feel? The focus is on what you love and what you view as practical and providing positive reinforcement of the lifestyle you desire. When you focus on these it is so much easier to say no to more and monitor what stays and what comes into your home.

Our sessions

Our sessions generally run for 2 - 3 hours, giving us the opportunity to get immersed in your space. Sessions break down the categories and tasks into small bite size achievable tasks. We start with wardrobe and categories within depending on your priorities. We will complete books, review your paperwork, streamline your kitchen, laundry and bathrooms. Your whole home will experience a makeover.

Donating mindfully and with intention makes it easier to let go because it is more about sharing and helping another in your community. We remove the usable, in good condition clutter by donating to charities, community services, libraries, local school programs and more.

After your home is complete 

After a whole home service your home will be reflective of your story. It's the finishing flourish that embraces your success.


Daffodillar understands your story and style. It is one of the happiest experiences presenting the home completely styled to clients. At this time we also photograph the end of our time together and the beginning of you living with intention, living better with less. A bigger life awaits you after downsizing your clutter. A life within your sanctuary.