Everything You Need To Know To Clear Your Clutter...today!

Now that it's Spring, it's the perfect time to give your house a good tidy up and clear away some clutter. We've all got it. For some of us it's hidden in a series of cupboards, for others it's an endless stash of out of date magazines & now defunct cookbooks that our grandmother gave us sitting on the floor in a corner. But what about the stuff we need to keep (our clothes) but can't seem to keep tidy?! Where do we start if we want to declutter & get organized?

Use What You Own

* When you plan to declutter do not buy storage. Sort all your home first. Use what you have and along the way you will find vessels, boxes etc OR you will have less to store and will be donating your storage items

* Visualise, journal and create a mood board of how you want your space to look and feel

* Make time to sort. Realistically it takes 2-3 hours to start a category. Completion of the category involves donating, storing and restyling. A whole home with the major purge and some tweaking takes 6 - 12 months depending on client schedules

* Use what you already own after you have decluttered

* Have a place for everything. Quality Over Quantity

* Honestly we don't all put our clothes away each day. To those who are not inclined to put clothes away into the wardrobe or laundry basket I recommend one spot to put them until you do. Dont leave some in the bathroom, the lounge, on the hook by the door, in the car, your gym bag. Return them to the one holding spot at the end of the day to sort and put away at the end of the week. Mine is on my bench in my ensuite/ wardrobe.

* Empty your bag at the end of the day. Find a tray, a large platter, a plank of wood, granite from the leftover benchtop. Mine is a vintage tray in my kitchen on a console table. The tray fits my wallet, clutch, glasses, keys. Yours may be on the entry hall table, kitchen bench or inside your wardrobe. Glasses, wallet, phone, keys. Some clients have really fought this but when they do make the effort they are happy. I too felt ridiculous but it works. You feel home. You are more organised the next day as you plan what to take with mindfulness.

* Have one spot for everything. All your travel bags, toilettries, special travel items all stored together within the one bag. All medicines in the one box in a meaningful spot, mine is top shelf in the kitchen. Bandages, dressings etc are in the same type of box on the top shelf in the laundry/ mudroom as this is where footy taping can occur.

* Only keep objects with meaning and true quality over quantity. Do not succumb to trends. They will be ongoing and relentless. You seriously do not need 5 vases from a large department store because they are pastel, geometric, rose gold or cement. You love the one from grandma or the one from your workmates when you changed jobs and the one from your own childhood that your mum gave you when you set up your own home. Maybe they have the trendy colour within their pattern? Use it for the season. You can be on trend with the flower of the moment in your vase with sentiment. The monstera leaf, magnolia, pale pink protea. They will blossom in the vessel you love.

* Don't shop for entertainment. Go for a walk with a friend, grab a coffee and a meal away from centres. When travelling book a bike tour, meet the makers to understand village life, particapte in a cooking lesson.

Keep Only What You Love

The curation of your home allows you to be in the present and create your future. Discard objects of the past that you have held onto 'just because', for obligation or lack of time. Keep only that you love or has a sense of usefulness. Obviously not everything is beautiful. Your Tupperware handy chopper makes meal prepartion so much easier so you keep it. The sprialiser, the numerous knives with melted handles, the random mandolin from the pop up shop in the middle of the shopping centre has never worked properly so let it go.

There's lots of talk about decluttering, sorting, minimising, tidying. It can be another pressure we put upon ourselves. Another step on the treadmill. As women and mothers there are so many opportunites for comparison, condescension and competitiveness. Im about having your back while you take a step back and review what you own and how does it enhance your life? I believe curating your home will improve your life and work schedule and success. Life is full. There are many demands on our time and energy. You want to see those that you love and make you happy. 10 years in the future what is the life you want for yourself? Curating forces you to view things that are actually important not things that seem to be cool, trendy, that are great but do not have a level of personal value.

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Daffodillar is a service of home curation. It is a bespoke, luxury VIP service. Daffodillar works 1:1 with women sorting through their wardrobes, bookshleves, kitchen and laundry cupboards. The process is not only physical it is challenging and exploring their beliefs of ownership, visions of success, power and most importantly themselves.

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