Daffodillar starts to muse

Hello and welcome.

So, we are both interested in interiors, styling, decluttering and intentional living.

This the start of my blogging on my website.

I have been mini blogging on Instagram for a year. People seem to like it. I have been encouraged to venture to a blog. I started out sharing ideas for decluttering, and how curating my home, my lifestyle and connecting both to activities in life and work have improved productivity, creativity and starting a business … that seems to be going somewhere.

I am a 47 year old Australian woman, married for 24 years, mothering 3 young men - 18, 15 and 11. I have been a nurse for 27 years, working by the bedside, co-ordinating projects, initiating change and managing departments. Currently I am part time managing Melbourne’s busiest public hospital after hours.

Daffodillar is a unique decluttering and interior styling service for women connecting home and work to live gently, slowly, productive and creatively.

My blog will not be filled with tips and tricks. Sorry, not sorry. There is already a lot out there of how to. I can direct you to those I found helpful. Essentially I support the well documented konmari method of completing a category not a room. A room never works. You need to collect a category together for one session and exhaust it. Like wardrobe, books, electrical cords, stationary, medicinal items etc. Importantly do not buy storage. In two years my clients have not purchased storage. Include, as part of the session, time to discard, recycle, repurpose and donate; mindfully. there will be more about this in later posts. Secondly I love to listen, read and watch "The Minimalists". I do not subscribe to The Minimalism Game. It is a game it is not sustainable. You want long term change.

It is about mindset. It is about intention. It is not easy. It is not just a group of tasks and categories. It is about why you are desiring to declutter, minimise, live with less. Prepare to focus at least a year to do the physical stuff and be prepared for a lot of wins and challenges emotionally.

So why start blogging? Well I have been a note taker for years, mainly lists and a bit of musing. I have journaled - preparing for my year backpacking at age 22, while travelling and after the unexpected death of my sister. In the last two years I have found myself jotting down more thoughts.

Now I have a sense of needing to remove paper in my life. I tell myself 'I'm using up the old primary school notebooks and so that's ok'. Yet I find at the end of a week, a group of months and a year I have a 'job' to manage my pencil scratchings. I said 'it's ok to have notes on my phone' but I have more than 170! So I began pages on my iPad. Again I've gained a collection. I feel a yearning to delete and declutter the notes filling my physical, digital and headspace. The notes seem to transform into feelings of obligation and reminders of inaction.

Many over the holiday heralded new beginnings by burning their journals. Mmmmm that's one way to declutter!!!

Reading Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin in January was challenging for me. I had trouble getting through it. I thought of not completing but I pushed through it. Thankfully. It made me mull over my thoughts ... why collect thoughts? Do they show I'm a thinker? I'm smart? I could be academic? I could be anything but I choose not? Are they trophies? Why do I note and why do I keep? The narrator wonders the same about telling her story.

I note to debrief, unburden and seek clarity. To let go but why do I keep? "It's only paper," said Laura, continuing to snip. "Paper isn't important. It's the words on them that's important." - The Blind Assassin Margaret Atwood

There is always opportunity to share thoughts. This year I feel I want to work on connections. I'd like to begin more conversations about thoughts rather than events, activities, people, plans. Stop note taking and start sharing. Witnessing others and not dwelling on my own.

So ... I'll transfer my slightly edited thoughts to a blog and see what happens. Instead of noting, I'm blogging. Instead of within me or my space my blog will transfer my thoughts - and let go. Don't collect. Let's connect.

My husband thinks it’s a good idea as it saves his ears!!!

Ha ha, anyway this could be interesting for you and I ……..

Go gently, till next time.

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