A letter to you, my client

People are not drawn to me, Daffodillar because of their awareness of the trend of tidying. It is more than that for them. They are purpose driven. Like you, my clients are mostly women transitioning in their career. Women of experience who have been in middle management for sometime and have now realised the opportunity to extend themselves and become business owners, executive directors, board members, consultants and CEO.

I support the theory and some of the practicality of the konmari method. My clients have usually heard of the book or 'The Minimalists' but have not explored either themselves. I refer to and quote both; and other thought leaders relating to intentional living, productivity and contentment.

Often, women are also managing change at home. Children becoming teenagers and young adults. Children beginning their own adventures in the world. Renovations, new builds also occur at this time. Do you relate to that happening? We take on a group of new projects when we are trying something new don't we? Micromanaging and outsourcing housekeepers, dog walkers, gardeners, home deliveries can work but it does not solve the pain points. They are band aids. Sustainable change is a mindset not a group of tasks.

It all starts at home, don't you think? Here is where my client and I start ...

Hey there,

It is best to start as you wish to move forward. I would love for both of us to start the new year as best we can; to reach our potential lifestyle - you in the home you designed, built and love and me as a stylist working weekly with clients in their forever homes. I feel you have expressed a genuine desire to have assistance with having your home beautiful and in order. Time gets away so I would like to be in regular contact with you - probably fortnightly, as I know you travel a lot and have a calendar of meetings etc - and prioritise time each month to visit and assist you reaching your goals for your home.

This is a special event in your lives. The building of your personal space to tell your story as individuals and as a family.

It's not all about styling and purchasing. I am sure you mostly have what you need. To simplify and assist in identifying what you have, what you need and what you desire I would like to start at the beginning and start with you. The beginning is tidying. I believe we can achieve your ideal home and lifestyle in twelve months if we work diligently together. Therefore I have some thoughts and suggestions I want to share ........

Tidying will not be one of your jobs or a chore. Ideally it will be completed once. When we reach your state of order you will just have moments in your day/ week to maintain it. Completing these tasks or tools that I'm going to suggest will move you to your easy liveable home and lifestyle. You will be able to remove yourself from the cycle of clutter and tidying days on your weekends and days off. It will make life easier for you and your family to be together.

These tasks are part of you moving towards the lifestyle you want in your home. These tasks are not to be your lifestyle. You are not tidying and minimising forever more. It's a tool to get you to where you want to go. We will aim for your version of perfection once. Over the following six to twelve months you will tweak what you own. Generally the bulk leaves now. Once we have the house in order you will be able to keep 'tidy'. It won't get into big messes monthly or regularly.

I want you to start with your clothes.

Firstly, in detail, visualise your wardrobe, your bedroom. My advice for your cupboard is to have nothing on the floor. Only one box height on the overhead shelving. Only one box deep. No drawers or cupboards in your actual bedroom. Spend 10 minutes visualising. A cup of your favourite tea, sit on your bed and look and know how you want it to look - now.

Tidying works only when you discard first. Do not organise or clean at the same time. Have your car empty and bin liners ready to be packed to then take away your clothes for donation, ragbag or recycling bin.

So ......

Get all your clothes. All. Everything from around the house, the laundry, in your car. The gym stuff, sports outdoor gear.

Put it all on your bed. Everything from the cupboards and drawers. All on your bed.




Don't put anything away. Do not hang anything.

Only do yours.

If you really need to choose you music. No words. Soft uplifting inspiring happy joyful. Preferably silence. You need to be able to focus.

Ok ......

Focus on gratitude.

Think these thoughts as you sort ......

Choosing only what you want to keep. Positive thought.

What you love.

What makes you smile.

What fits perfectly.

What makes you feel good.

Part of your life but not anymore.

Gave you joy then but not needed now.

It's ok that it was only worn once. It served its purpose. Now enable someone else to use it, to enjoy it.

Even if it wasn't worn it served its purpose at the time of purchase. Now it can work for someone else.

If you didn't mend it at the time or spend time getting that stain out you don't need it - discard.

Your clothes do not need to be worn until they are threadbare.

Thankful to the person who gave you the item.

Gratitude to the clothing for what it did in the past.

Do not let your thoughts fall on what you plan to throw out, donate, no longer use, need or want. This will be self limiting. Approach this task looking at each item singularly. Pick up one item at a time, examine it and make a quick decision. What do I want to keep? Do I love this? Do I cherish this? Positives. Is this joyful? (Yes, seriously do this!). Is this important? Is this heartwarming? Does it make me feel good?

Do not consider storage boxes etc. Clear the clutter.

Fold and return to the cupboard or drawers and see what fits into the space and how. When you are finished you will have time to reflect on how you want to organise. I can help here because often you have items you can use around the home - gift boxes, shoe boxes, trays. Ideally you will have 50% more space and everything will fit. There are alternatives, creative ideas that will work while being meaningful, practical and already owned by you. Saving you money and time.

Do not show anyone in your family what you have decluttered. It's your space, your feelings, your needs, desires and wants. Yours. Your lifestyle. Your home.

I know I can help you find the room in your schedule to do this.

Do you want to try this? Consult your schedule. You should plan at least three hours including driving and dropping off items. Please let me know when you plan to do it. I can either physically assist or encourage you to complete with reminders and prompts leading up to and on the date. I would aim to have completed by ...

Keen to hear from you ......

Happy home 🏡



Rosie, is a client who has completed the decluttering process.

Rosie embraced the Daffodillar service when she commenced her role as CEO of Wateraid Australia. You know that toilet paper, 'Who gives a crap?' They donate 50% of their profits to Wateraid Australia.

Here is a link to Rosie's latest blog post about letting go with grace. It is a beautiful example of the 'more' that occurs in your life when you start curating your intentional lifestyle at home. Decluttering, sorting and organising your home to support your personal intentions; for yourself, your relationships, your creativity and more. The rewards of completing the tasks is ongoing and unexpected and unplanned. Enjoy xx

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