Decluttering in perspective

My clients and I are privileged, or lucky, to live where we live. Rather than begin a political, economic and more serious conversation I know my work is small. Yet it is impactful. I work with women who make a difference locally and globally.

At the end of a day we all return home. At times it is at home; in the shower, at the bottom of a cupboard, doing a task of daily living that we have a flash of a new idea. An idea that can be taken into the office, to the team and the boardroom. An idea that positively affects the life of another.

My clients are women who acknowledge, accept and participate in change. Change for many of us is a choice. An opportunity and an investment. At times in our lives we desire change. I suggest we start at home.

To have a home clear of unnecessary, out of date, obligatory, un-used or unwanted items enables you and I to have clear thoughts. A space to sort through the thoughts, administer self care, connect to your intention for home and work and gain a new perspective away from what you achieve professionally.

Rosie Wheen is my client and CEO of Wateraid Australia. The Wateraid team works with individuals, communities and governments to provide access to safe drinking water, decent toilets and good hand washing practices.

The video interview is from Rosie's home. Rosie appeared on BBC World News' Newsday program on World Water Day 22 March 2018.

It helps you put things into perspective. It puts what I do in perspective.

Rosie and I worked together for a year. The year Rosie became CEO. What did we do? Together we challenged perspective - of what we keep, what we want, need and desire. Initially, a group of tasks to declutter, donate and restyle. Purchased items were and will be sourced locally; preferably from women-led businesses embracing beauty for the practical side of living. Together we support businesses with core values of empathy, sustainability, empowerment and support.

The video interview is about so much more. It is about the gap between what we have and what others need. Essentially I am sharing with you the important work of another. Maybe I am name-dropping. I don't think so. Rosie and women like her motivate me to do what I do. I feel from the bottom of my stomach enormous excitement, butterflies, shots of adrenaline and a sense of service when I assist women to declutter, minimise, organise and restyle their home. As a result of Rosie and Daffodillar women starting change at home I feel all of this and wonderment for my clients and importantly the women they help and the social change we impact together.

Go gently ...

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