Courage ... trying to venture beyond the usual default

I often fell into imposter syndrome coz I thought I don't have evidence. I don't have scientific evidence.

Listening to Dr. Jason Fox with Kate McReady on The Good Work revolution Podcast I realised I do have evidence. I can collect my own. It does not have to be in a lab or in the health/ medical environment I am used to as a nurse and hospital manager. I am gaining evidence in womens' homes, at table tops, events and random conversations that become full of purpose and intention. I gain evidence by listening.

Observation is key. I see women in their homes. I honestly do not see 'mess'. I see where items are 'left'. I see the hubs. I see the light coming through the window. I see the dog eared book, the postcard leaning above the stove stained by meal preparations. I see the love and the discarded clutter.

Observing women when I ask them question about their home. Listening to women who are described and observed as successful still take a big breath, roll their eyes, pause, grimace when they think about their home.

Some have had interior designers who have completed beautiful work. Yet the issue of sustainability of what continues to come into the home has not been addressed.

You know they are women like you, and me, Like you they spend money on travel, massages, long lunches, weekends away, massages, books, journals, luxury items and treatments. They collect.

I can reason confidently that starting at home will solve pain points expressed by corporate women, women who lead purpose driven organisations and women wanting to begin positive social enterprises. Ellen Taffe in her article 'You've Climbed the Corporate Ladder. What's Next?' describes women seeking a "second act". Ellen says "There's great power in asking yourself: 'What have I always wanted to do? What's most important to me now? And where can I add value that matters most?"

I am informed by my experience working with and listening to you answer these questions. I solicit understanding of the importance of starting at home by being with women over 40 who are in transition. Changing careers, relationships, parenting older children, caring for family members, downsizing and more.

It does take courage, bravery, discipline, confidence and commitment. It is moving away from the trends - the usual defaults. In business and in my space of decluttering. It incorporates konmari, decluttering tips, hygge comfort etc. and so much more. Success lies in readiness, preparedness and clarity. Success is through reflection and self awareness.

Starting at home is important to focus. It will show you your intentions and goals and how to achieve them

There are a lot of books, blogs, checklists to start decluttering. It always takes action. When my boys were small I received some over the fence advice "Let them take risks at home. See how it works, see the resistance before going out into the big world".

If you want to be more strategic, organised, intentional in your relationships, parenting, work have the courage to take risks ...

Start at home

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