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So this month my favourite podcasts have been two that discuss creating a movement and collaboration with individuals, like you, and global communities.

woman with headphones listening to podcast

Firstly, MAD village with Daffodillar client Rosie Wheen, broadcast on May 14 2018.

Rosie as CEO of Wateraid Australia shares the stories of people affected by limited or no access to safe water. Please listen to how girls cope with their menstruation and reminding us of World Menstrual Hygiene Day, May 28.

I found her descriptions of people with disabilities trying to go to the toilet difficult to comprehend. Rosie shares stories honestly and they are not palatable yet they are real. Her compassion enables us to hear and wonder what we can do. I'll give you a top tip later.

Rosie described her early lessons as a volunteer in Indonesia. "I learnt about life, about myself, my resilience and also my limitations and the perceptions of others."

Change happens at a local level. Wateraid began with a group of engineers witnessing and observing communities without water. Yes, Rosie and her teams work with governments and the water industry to develop policy, projects and life changing facilities. I believe we can be a part of local and gloabal change. At home. Purchasing locally and using local services. Starting at home.

What do we all do? Regardless of location, income, gender. We all use a toilet. We all purchase toilet paper. So how can you contribute to another having access to safe water, decent toilets, and good hand hygiene? Buy Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper. Why? Coz they donate 50% of their profits to Wateraid Australia. Coz they are a local Melbourne brand making a difference. And you can be involved. You are one but together you help another.

My other multi-listened to podcast in May was with Daniel Flynn, CEO of Thankyou. He spoke with Julie Masters on Inside Influence.

Daniel discussed the work of Thankyou striving to improve water conditions for those in poverty by selling bottled water. To be honest I was unaware of their beginning. I just thought of them as hand wash in my local supermarket wanting to make a difference but there is so much more to their reach.

So again it is in your everyday that you can make a difference. Purchasing from your local supermarket items like hand wash, body products or nappies for the next baby shower you are invited to. It is becoming easier to support local people to grow their ethical, purpose driven businesses and social enterprises and influence positive social change.

The coincidental listening of two podcasts of two people earnestly making a difference to other peoples access to water is interesting synchronicity.

Daffodillar is about making your everyday more beautiful. Easy going, achievable style. Enjoying the practicalities of daily living and including meaning and purpose to your habits.

One person can make a difference ... by being a part of a movement.

To finish with Rosie sharing one of her favourite quotes that motivates and inspires her ... Margaret Mead ... "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

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